Public Viewing is an art intervention in the everyday culture of public spaces. It turns up in poetic and disconcerting ways in places where one least expects art, for instance in pedestrian precincts, department stores and events. On account of its unexpectedness, the intervention questions perceptions of familiar spaces, thereby creating a new awareness. Public Viewing analyses, comments and illustrates. At the same time, this art intervention by Littmann Cultureprojects, Basel, Switzerland, explores the boundaries between art and everyday life, penetrating the monopoly of promotional aesthetics in the public arena.

Yue Minjun (CN), Robert Rauschenberg (USA), Lu Hao (CN), Christian Boltanski (FR), Jochen Gerz (DE), Peti Brunner (CH), Ben Vautier (FR), Hanspeter Hofmann (CH), Guerrilla Girls (US), Franz Burkhardt (DE), Daniele Buetti (CH), Beat Keusch (CH), Anonymus

In cooperation with
Remy Toledo Art Projects
New York

Art project powered by
Remy Toledo Art Project Tally Weijl